Super Mario 3DS.

I could write a 30 page report on Super Mario 3DS. These are simply my speculations, so don’t be like “OOEEMGG! SUPER AMRIO GALAXY 3 IS ONE THA 3DS!” because it might be possible, but I’m just speculating.

SO, what do I think? I think the will very much be Super Mario Galaxy 3. I mean think about it. SMG and SMG2 are acclaimed as some of the best games ever. Combine that sheer awesome with a new groundbreaking ultra-powerful 3D without glasses handheld, and you may have the next Pong on your hands.

The screenshots Iwata showed us all at GDC 2011 made any Mario fan squeal with joy. The screenshots looked just like SM64 and Galaxy in one hybrid. Why do I say hybrid? If you saw said screenshots, two looked retro, and two looked rather Galaxy-esque. The first two comprised of Mario in his small form, maybe it was a stage, a la SMB3, but I don’t think Nintendo would add the mushrooms to stay alive feature in a 3D Mario, yes, there are Mushrooms in Galaxy, but in a power-up form. And the other “retro” screen showed Mario in a retro Galaxy environment, but in his normal “Super” form. Not much to say on that one.

The “Galaxy” screenshots, showed Mario in an environment with throwbacks to SMB3, falling block and the infamous arrow blocks, source of frustration for me, especially the ones that changed when you jumped on ’em. Again, not much to say. BUT, this next screen is where Nintendo pulls a U-turn. This screenshot looks a LOT like the beta Clockwork Ruins Galaxy, but with coloured spinning blocks. And, at the top of the image you can spot a Comet Medal from SMG2, kinda cementing the “Galaxy 3DS” theory.

In terms of Yoshi, these were only screenshots, and Yoshi was omitted from SMG but brought back in the sequel, I think we may see Yoshi in this game, but if it’s following in Galaxy’s footsteps, there’ll be two games, one without the adorable dino buddy.

I hope the game is a fusion of 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1&2, the awesomeness of 64, the laidback atmosphere of Sunshine, and just Galaxy all over. The ”Temporary” logo Iwata showed at GDC had a tail affixed to the O, and the logo looked like the 3D Mario logo sans Galaxy of any sort. Now this tail obviously means we’ll see Raccoon and Tanooki suits making their big re-appearance.

Obviously the gameplay will be on the top screen, but I think your HUD will be on the bottom, telling you which Bro. you’re playing as, your health, the Galaxy you’re in and so forth. I want to see a return of the Galaxy 2 world select, it was cleaner and quite easy to use, and how cool would it be to use the Circle Pad to move the little preview planetoid on the level select.

I hope that we see Lubba and Rosalina in this game, seeing as they met before, maybe there could be some shock twist, like Lubba is the Luma reincarnation of her father.

My hands are getting sore from typing so comment below and tell me what you wanna see.:)


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