Mario Kart 3DS.

So if you’ve living under a Nintendo rock since the early ’90s (I wasn’t even born. :3), every Nintendo console has been complemented by a Mario Kart game, possibly the most recognised racing game in history.

So, just as I expected, on Day 2 of E3 2010 (I think.), the Big N announced MK3DS, with some uber sweet demo footage and screenshots, showing off new character interaction (e.g, grunting and rolling eyes at each other), and the Mii integration, and basically Nintendo just showing off what they can do.

Since we’re only two months from E3 2011 and no doubt we’ll be seeing more of MK3DS as it has been said to launch this year, I thought I’d lay down some of my speculations and expectations.


I’d LOVE to see a cup in MK3DS comprised of every Rainbow Road ever, so that cup would be the “Grand Finale” cup, with more tracks than the usual four.

I definitely wanna see some form of Galaxy cup, with lots of levels themed from the critcally acclaimed games. And it might be ambitious, but I think we’ll see sixteen cups, not eight, seeing as the 3DS can handle 2GB of game save data.


MY dream roster would be most Mario characters ever, definitely including Lubba and Rosalina.

When MK hits our shiny new handhelds, expect new things. Keep gamin’! :)


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