Back in January, my life as an otaku changed. Nintendo announced a new franchise called Pandora’s Tower. Fast forward a few months, the teaser has been released through Nintendo’s “Minna no NC”, the equivalent of our Nintendo Channel. Complete with classy Japanese opera, the trailer shows off gameplay and profile shots of the main character that was ever so mysteriously shown off a few months back. As the trailer draws to an end, which I didn’t want it to, it shows her fancy tattoo which has to do with the storyline, the name of the game, and its release date and cost. It reveals that it will see its Japanese launch on May 26, 2011. No western details yet, but my theory is that the Big N will wait roughly two weeks until E3 2011 to reveal deets on this stunning Wii title. I’m excitedly waiting until further details leak. Keep mashing buttons! :)


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